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Independence ActTrader brings a new meaning to independence. It frees your firm from the rigors of platform maintenance and development, leaving them to a highly experienced service provider. This gives your firm the chance to focus more on its strategy and ...

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Cost Free Customization All ActTrader platforms feature extensive user-definable business rules allowing the client to adjust various aspects of the platform: instruments and feed sources, liquidity providers, look and feel, certain end-user specific features ...

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Ease of Entry Regardless of the size of your firm, you can be in business in as little as five days with an ActTrader turnkey solution. An affordable setup fee enables your company to bypass many of the major expenses involved ...

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Economics Developing and designing proprietary software, maintaining a secure data center along with an IT department to manage it, and hiring top-notch computer professionals to be on call 24/7 is an ... More info

Opportunity Opportunity in the Forex industry has never been greater than now. No matter how large or small your firm is, ActTrader will provide your company with the technology and expertise needed ...

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ACT Today Although ActTrader still offers its white-label platforms it has expanded its product lineup to accommodate a changing market that today is trader driven. This position has changed because retail traders, now with nearly ...

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ACT History Despite the large-scale failure of many Internet based US technology companies known as the dot-com bubble, in 1998 Ilya Sorokin formed a group of Information Technology and Forex (foreign exchange) experts ... More info

ACT Business Model During the early years of ActTrader history, major trading firms in the retail Forex industry did not exist but smaller firms saw a unique market opportunity and became interested in the concept of offering FX trading to individual traders ...

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Reliability ActTrader places extreme emphasis on the reliability of its trading platform and performs stringent testing on all software and infrastructure components prior to production release.

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Custom-Made Because no two Forex firms are the same, ActTrader has developed a modular approach to its trading platforms. Every platform is configured to each firm’s needs and is extremely flexible with hundreds of user-definable functions and parameters.

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Managed Service Provider Having ActTrader as your software and Managed Service Provider gives your company multiple advantages over developing a proprietary in-house platform and still allows you to retain control of your firm’s most important business functions.

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Binary Options management in ActDealer ActTrader/ActDealer interface updates Spread display in Dealing Rates Volume Indicator in ActFX OCO orders in ActWebTrader
ActWebTrader interface improvements Clearing/STP improvements Modified Reports functionality Rollover type setup per instrument
ActTrader™ provides a full-featured workspace for traders to execute trades and manage their accounts.
Amount-based trading (instead of lot), an optional feature, presents trades in tangible monetary terms to avoid the extra step of calculating the value of lots One-click trading allows your trader to open a position in the fastest possible time Extensive reports track trading progress and revenue Customizable workspace using tabs and detachable windows which includes floating windows that allow efficient multi-tasking
FXApps store is here

FXApps for ActTrader is the store for Traders to find the best content in apps and services. FXApps is one-stop shopping for algorithmic trading strategies and much more, exclusively for the ActTrader platform. Finding the right applications for you has never been easier!

Just released, Visual Strategy Editor in ActTrader allows you to create automated strategies directly from charts without writing a single line of code.
The complete technology solution for your Binary Options firm

Binary Options is a simplified and very easy to understand alternate form of trading well suited for those with any level of knowledge, from beginner to pro. ActBinary from ActForex offers comprehensive yet easy to use trading features and is available as a module for the celebrated ActTrader platform, or as a stand-alone Binary Options platform.

Newly designed by our experts based on trader input from around the globe, ActWebTrader’s new look and feel make it easy to stay organized while trading.
Runs in any browser Supports most of the trading functions available in ActForex ActTrader™ Easy to navigate and arrange windows Improved visual implementation of complex data
Just released, a full trading solution for the iPhone – Our most fully functional mobile trading platform to date.
Live Streaming Dealing Rates All Order Type Charts Dynamic Order/Position info treaming News

All this and much more, with a polished, intuitive interface. Trade anywhere, anytime. Download now!

Bringing the power and convenience of ActTrader to the iPad. A brand new trading application for the world's most popular tablet. ActPad is built from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad’s capabilities.
Bigger Charts Split Screen Design Live Streaming Dealing Rates
Instant Account Sync Across All Platforms Streaming News And much, much more!
Just released, a full trading solution for the Android.
Live Streaming Dealing Rates Comprehensive Order Management Real-time interactive Charts Dynamic Order/Position info Streaming News

All this and much more, with a polished and intuitive interface. Trade anywhere, anytime! Available at Android Market.

Reasons to Choose ActTrader


It’s More than a Trading Platform

ActTrader is a managed service provider, which means that we offer more than just a great trading platform. You get a turnkey online trading solution fully hosted and maintained by us.

Over the years we have built up the infrastructure that includes everything you need to support your business, including our SAS-70 certified data center and 24X7X365 technical support.

This spares your company the hassle and expense of supporting your own servers or IT department. In addition to the technology, you will have the benefit of personalized training sessions at set-up, followed by 24-hour customer support should you have any questions. On your path to business success, we are with you every step of the way.


Our Global Presence

With traders using our products in over 100 countries, ActTrader is a truly global presence in the world marketplace – and we give you the tools to become one too.

We offer platforms in 15 languages, your choice of system base currency, and tools that ensure compliance with different regulatory bodies around the world such as the NFA and the FSA.

All of this will allow your firm to reach the widest international customer base.


It’s Customizable

With over 150 business and technical settings in the back office alone, ActTrader platforms offer nearly limitless customizability.

Different trading instruments, contract sizes, feed sources, clearing settings, margin call execution, and transaction fees – these are just a handful of configurable options.

Each platform is specifically tailored to your needs and business model – and we help you set it up.

On the front end, ActTrader allows you to create and save multiple desktop profiles for different types of trader – beginner, advanced, money manager, etc.


It’s More than Forex

Much more than just Forex, ActTrader technology allows you to trade an almost unlimited number of instruments.

We offer modules for trading CFDs, ETFs, Equities, Forwards, and Options. No matter which modules you choose, traders have the benefit of our ActTrader trading application, while dealers can monitor exposure and manage risk from all instruments inside the ActDealer application.

For you, this means scalability: as your business expands, ActTrader will be there to provide the technology for seamless expansion.


Our Experienced and Professional Staff

Since the year 2000, ActTrader has emerged as the largest and most experienced independent trading platform provider in the world for financial institutions.

This is thanks in large part to our team of talented technology and business professionals.

Our business analysts, developers, customer and technical support specialists combine for dozens of years of industry experience and know-how. Our staff is the key to our success – and to yours.


We Help Your Business Grow

ActTrader has solutions to accommodate companies of any size. So as your business grows, ActTrader will be there to make the expansion easy and seamless.

We make setting up new IBs a snap.


Your Success is Our Success

At ActTrader, we are always developing our platform and services to help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Exciting new features are always in the pipeline and just around the corner.

And as an ActTrader licensee, your company will receive these significant system upgrades at no extra cost. But we are also responsive to your specific needs.

If there is a feature you would like to see implemented in our platform – just ask!

Since we depend on your success, we do everything in our power to make sure you have the best leading edge technology to achieve and surpass your business goals.

Generating ideal solutions for Market Makers


Leveraging our Forex industry experience gives institutions more time to focus on their customers and business operations while requiring far fewer resources for the demands of infrastructure and IT.

FCM, FDM & Broker Dealers

The enterpriseFX® platform gives Broker-Dealers over 150 customizable business rules, allowing your firm to differentiate its services and personalize its options. The platform provides the ability to manage risk or off-load risk to a large list of banks or major liquidity providers. Let ActForex show your firm how to stay in control.

Hedge Funds

The ActFundManager™ platform enables fund managers to trade on behalf of investors and to group individual investor accounts into managed account groups. While money is traded as a managed account, the ActFundManager distributes profits and losses in real time among all fund participants.

Introducing Brokers

ActIB™ allows Introducing Brokers (IBs) and new brokerages to break into the retail Forex market without IT costs or incurring market risk. The ActIB trading platform is designed specifically for financial institutions whose business model incorporates offering online retail Forex to their clients without the overhead of a fulltime dealing desk

Individual Traders, Investors

ActIB™ allows Introducing Brokers (IBs) and new brokerages to break into the retail Forex market without IT costs or incurring market risk. The ActIB trading platform is designed specifically for financial institutions whose business model incorporates offering online retail Forex to their clients without the overhead of a fulltime dealing desk